Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019: Earth to Karen


Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019

Earth to Karen at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019.

Earth to Karen at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019.


She’s on a mission to get under control.

Houston, she has a problem.

Karen Spitz was a celebrated astronaut until she made headlines for attempting to kidnap another astronaut after a manic cross-country drive from Texas to Florida. But what most people remember about the story was that Karen wore a diaper while she was doing it. One year later, she’s living in the shadow of a national scandal; unemployed, single, and coasting on the last of her sister’s goodwill. Will a new job at Subway be one small step on her path to redemption, or one giant leap back to infamy?

EARTH TO KAREN is a musical comedy inspired by a true story.

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