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DISASTEROID! takes what could be a tragic premise and turns it into something hopeful and freeing. I left this heartwarming production feeling full of energy and inspired to live life to the fullest.

— Media Geeks


Sometimes the end of the world isn't the end of the world. She's a philanthropist trapped in a loveless marriage; he's an amateur astronomer trapped in a tax office. But he has a secret: the earth is shortly going to be destroyed by an asteroid. So what the heck, let's fall in love and grab life by the throat while we still can. Will Mabel and Arthur find meaning in their lives just as they are to be cut short? But what if he's wrong and the planet keeps spinning? That really would be the end of the world.

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Zachary Bernstein
Directed by Guy Picot
Cast: Jon Bobek, Heather Roberts, Matthew Bohrer, and Dagney Kerr
Musicians: Eric Radoux, Gordon Wimpress, and Zachary Bernstein


Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018

  • WINNER: Best of the Broadwater Encore Pick

  • NOMINATED: Best Musical, HFF 2018

  • NOMINATED: A Little New Music Award for Outstanding Songwriting 

  • NOMINATED: ShoWorks Don’t Wait. Create! Award for original content production.

Sacred Fools Theater Company (late-night production), 2018

Underground Theater Company (directed by Jim Pierce), 2012



How do you like them apples? In the customer service department of Mott's, makers of fine apple sauce and apple juice, Kevin is the supervisor for two hopeless new hires - the ever-irritable Laurie and the cripplingly shy Dale - recently hired at the insistence of Meg, Kevin’s sexually harassing boss. Seemingly unable to complete a call successfully, they’re all on thin ice. When a call comes in from single mom Pam, Kevin makes a real connection. Will she ever call again so they can meet in person?

Written by Zachary Bernstein
Directed by Guy Picot
Cast: Pete Caslavka, CJ Merriman, Travis Snyder-Eaton, Stephanie Cannon, and Shaela Cook (plus many special guests, including Ari Radousky and Jaime Andrews as seen in the video)

The piece ran for 15 episodes in the late-night hit, Serial Killers at Sacred Fools. This was the longest-running piece of the season and was the first runner up in the Finals.



During one of Southern California’s recent droughts, we created this timely and very serious Public Service Announcement.

Co-Written/Directed by Zachary Bernstein